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Police Will Use 'Every Tactic To Keep Criminals At Bay' - 1-, 2003 – 30: 1
PM declares war on crime after receiving death threats.

After Prime Minister Perry Christie declared war against criminals who threaten the country's, and his personal safety, Assistant Commissioner of Police Reginald Ferguson said the police force is capable of defending against all threats.

The Nassau Guardian spoke with Mr. Ferguson after Mr. Christie revealed that he and his family had received death threats.

"You know I went home one night this week and met police with machine guns round my house because police intelligence said there was a threat. Well the next morning I went out and declared war," he said.

Mr. Christie was the guest speaker at a Woods Alley "Rally in the Alley" held to honour former residents such as Bishop Simeon Hall, banker Nathaniel Beneby Jr., realtor Frank Carey, Senator Traver Whylly and Princess Margaret Hospital senior nutritionist and evangelist Sister Betty Cleare.

Mr. Christie's announcement came during a month that has seen seven homicides and numerous criminal offences that have placed police on high alert.

ACP Ferguson said the Royal Bahamas Police Force is charged with a mandate to maintain law and order.

"We, the officers of the Royal Bahamas Police Force have accepted the challenge, it is our job to use every tactic to keep criminals at bay," said Mr Ferguson.

He said that he was not at liberty to discuss the incident as it is under investigation, but where manpower may be lacking, additional officers will be deployed to help in the detection and prevention of crimes of all kinds.

ACP Ferguson said the police force is well equipped and has the will to fulfil its mandate because crime cannot, and must not, be allowed to flourish.

The Nassau Guardian attempted to contact Mr. Christie for a comment, but was informed that he was in Cabinet and unavailable.

By Sean Inniss, The Nassau Guardian