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2004-10-20 08:36:15

Bahamas Police Officers In X-Rated DVD

'Any officer who exposes the uniform to any type of questionable conduct is in trouble' stated Ministry of National Security official.

An X-rated DVD on the Bahamian market has landed some police officers "in trouble" and has prompted a full scale investigation from the Police Commissioner's office.

'Bahama Girls Gone Wild' portrays young Bahamian women dancing erotically and stripping naked while uniformed police officers protect them from a large crowd of drunken men.

The scene appears to be one of the yearly beach "sail away" promotions, in which a catamaran, escorted by a convoy of speedboats, heads for Rose Island. Girls in bikinis, music, food, the ocean and alcoholic beverages highlight the event.

In the DVD, girls walk the plank of the catamaran performing the latest dances. They bare their breasts and strip their bikini bottoms. Some of them are wearing thongs, others are naked.

The officers in their official uniforms stand close to the women to prevent the hundreds of lustful men from touching them. About five officers are visible in the film.

Assistant Commissioners Reuben Smith, Reginald Ferguson and Allan Gibson, with Deputy Commissioner John Rolle expressed shock and admitted they had no idea that their officers engaged in such behaviour.

ACP Ferguson said the officers were obviously on what is referred to as "private engagements". Officers, he said, are allowed to work for private functions, but these particular mmen had "overstepped their boundaries".

According to Ministry of National Security's permanent secretary, Mark Wilson, while the officers can do private work, the rules of conduct are regulated by the Police Staff Association and governed by Police Commissioner Paul Farquharson.

"It is an abuse of that privilege," said Mr. Wilson, " and any officer who exposes the uniform to any type of questionable conduct is in trouble."

Source: Felicity Ingraham, The Tribune

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